Holden Torana LJ

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Holden Torana

Holden Torana LJ & TA

1972 - 1974 (TA to 1975)
4 & 6 cyl.
1200cc - 3300cc
42kw (1200) to 142kw (GTR XU-1)
3/4 spd. man; 3 spd. Trimatic
Top Speed:
see Tech Specs
Number Built:
81,453 (11,304 TA)
3 star
Holden Torana TA
Holden LC Torana 4 Door SL
Torana LJ SL 4 door brochure
The LJ Torana of February 1972 was a facelift of the LC, and offered more refinement with better handling, suspension revisions and greatly improved noise supression.

Most obvious was the fact that the LJ had borrowed heavily from the HQ parts bin, items shared between the two cars including the steering column and wheel, adjustable head restraints and impact absorbing sun visors.

The handsome wrap around tail lights introduced with the LC were now seperated into 3 distinct assemblies. The dashboard would receive considerable revision, although the instruments themselves were carried over from the LC.

The radio was mounted (more conveniently) in the centre of the dash, while mechanically the suspension springs and shocks were improved to give the LJ a superior ride.

Engine capacities were also increased, the 1300 DeLuxe now sporting a 1256cc engine, although the base four-cylinder unit remained the underwhelming 1159cc wheezer.

The "Standard" six remained as the 2250cc, alhough you could now option either a 2600cc or 2850cc engine, while the GTR and GTR XU-1 received the 3300cc 202ci six.

Holden went to considerable effort to increase the safety of the LJ, the dash re-design aimed squarely at making the car safer for the occupants in the event of an accident.

The energy absorbing sun visors and adjustable head restraints carried over from the HQ were complimented with the inclusion of better front seats offering greater lateral support, and even the heater controls were redesigned to ensure the driver could better make adjustments while wearing a seat belt.

Most Aussie drivers preferred a six cylinder, but the 4 cylinder versions remained good sellers, and was a market segment the General could not afford to ignore.

GM having recently taken over Isuzu, the plan was to manufacture a "world car", but this was still some 12 months away. The decision was taken to facelift the 4 cylinder LJ models as a stop-gap measure, thus ensuring continued availability of 4 cylinder models until the arrival of the much anticipated Gemini. The last TA came off the assembly line in March 1975.

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