Holden Monaro

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Holden Monaro

Originally introduced with the HK range as a two-door hardtop coupe, the Monaro is a name uniquely etched into the psyche of any Australian motoring enthusiast. Finding success at Mount Panorama, and at the sales desks of Holden dealerships around the country, the Monaro was a symbol of everything that was great about Australia. Powerful, individual and jingoistic, the Monaro was the envy of many young car enthusiasts through the 1970’s.

Fans of the Falcon GT and Valiant Charger may have derided the Monaro, but it was because of the competition, both on the race track and at the showroom, that 1970’s Australia offered such a wonderful array of quality performance machinery. They were always highly desirable, and inevitably they became highly collectable. Will the lucky owners of the V2 and VZ Monaro’s appreciate they are merely “breaking in” the collectables of tomorrow. We hope so.

HK Monaro  

Holden HK Monaro

1968 - 1969
The sleek, pillarless two-door was introduced six months after the rest of the range and soon took pride of place in Holden dealer showrooms across the country. Its 'boy racer' appeal was universal - a tribute to the foresight of the then Managing Director of GM-H, Max Wilson. More >>
HT Monaro  

Holden HT Monaro

1969 - 1970
The HT Monaro upgrade exhibited even more of the self-assured and extroverted attitude of the people who choose to drive it. Most dramatic change was a new multi-louvred plastic grille with a raised centre section and Monaro black-outs. More >>
HG Monaro  

Holden HG Monaro

1970 - 1971
Regarded as the most sophisticated of the early Monaro models, the HG is today one of the rarest and most sought-after of the charismatic Holden coupes. More >>
HQ Monaro  

Holden HQ Monaro

1971 - 1974
With the HQ series, Holden's design, engineering and manufacturing team delivered the definitive Australian car - new from the ground up and embracing the best of US and European trends. More >>
HQ Monaro  

Holden HQ Monaro GTS 4 door

1973 - 1974
Inevitably, the trendsetting two-door Monaro had such a strong influence on the rest of the Holden range that sedans took on a similarly sleek look. The process began with the HT sedan's 'faster' roofline and became more apparent with the arrival of the fluid HQ. More >>
HJ Monaro  

Holden HJ Monaro

1974 - 1976
As a rush of new European models entered the market and Australians were presented with a wider range of choices in general, the HJ Monaro upgrade had to satisfy a more demanding enthusiast buyer. More >>
HX Monaro  

Holden HX Monaro

The HX arrived in July 1976 as the Australian automotive industry concentrated on meeting new anti-pollution requirements. There was no Monaro coupe in the new HX line-up, but the name was emblazoned on a single, extroverted GTS four door. More >>
HX Monaro LE  

Holden HX Monaro LE Coupe

This final coupe was exceptional and exclusive enough to ensure that the original Monaro concept had an appropriate send-off. Although the limited edition LE coupe did not carry the Monaro nameplate, Holden fans regard it as a true blue member of the breed. The LE arrived in August 1976, almost two months after the HX series release. More >>
HZ Monaro  

Holden HZ Monaro

1977 - 1979
Like the LE coupe, the HZ GTS 4-door did not wear a Monaro badge, but the brochure produced for it certainly did, and it was officially designated a 'Monaro GTS sedan'. Holden was unwilling to let the legend lapse. More >>
V2 Monaro  

Holden V2 Monaro

2001 - 2004
First seen at the Sydney International Motor Show as a design concept in 1998, the stunning Monaro coupe would make it to production, the first example rolling off the assembly line in October, 2001 - a transition that would take only 22 months. More >>
CV8-R Monaro  

Holden CV8-R Monaro

2003 - 2004
Any classic car collector will tell you the rarer the car, the more quickly it will appreciate. It may be a few years off, but if you are looking at purchasing a second hand Monaro, the CV8-R would be an astute investment. More >>
VZ Monaro

Holden VZ Monaro

2004 - 2005
It was always going to be difficult to improve on the magnificent V2 Monaro, but essential to the success of any update would be one ingredient, better performance. And so the VZ Monaro was indeed a better car, if power and torque is the gauge by which any car should be judged. Boasting 260kW and 500Nm, the VZ was, for a time, the most powerful mainstream Holden ever manufactured. More >>
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