Holden HQ Sandman

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Holden HQ Sandman

Holden HQ Sandman

1974 - 1974
6 cyl. & V8
81 - 161 kw
3/4 spd. man & 3 spd. Tri-Matic
Top Speed:
186-201 km/h
Number Built:
4 star
Holden HQ Sandman
After the relaese of the Series II HQ Monaro, Holden took a serious view to making a truly sporty recreational vehicle after the 'sun and surf' youth culture of Australia was starting to take hold. In January '74 the first model Holden Sandman rolled off the line.

Available in both panelvan and ute form they were till fill the void that was in the marketplace. The HQ Sandman came equipped with distinctive GTS style slotted front guards, GTS Rally wheels, bucket seats, GTS steering wheel, full instrumentation, Sandman decals and stripes.

An extremely soft suspension was one dissapointing factor to the introduction of the HQ Sandman range. The introduction of the HQ GTS/4 and the Sandman Panelvan heralded the start of the extinction process for the Monaro Coupe, as the Sandman quickly became the two door of choice for the young Australian male (for obvious reasons it was a winner).

The HQ was to last only 9 months (an appropriate time frame for the Sandman?), and as a consequence an original HQ Sandman Van is extremely hard to find.

"The suspension has been softened to the point where it only makes a superficial attempt at being 'sporty' ....the sport is best confined to the mattress in the rear compartment rather than on the road" - Wheels, 1974

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