Holden HQ Monaro

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Holden Monaro

Holden HQ Monaro

1971 - 1974
6 cyl. & V8
2640/3050/5035/5700 cc
108-250 bhp 80-186 kW
3/4 spd. man & 2/3 spd. Powerglide auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
4 star
With the HQ series, Holden's design, engineering and manufacturing team delivered the definitive Australian car - new from the ground up and embracing the best of US and European trends.

The HQ's forward-reaching front, flowing rear lines and pronounced 'tumblehome' behind each wheel gave it a compact, ground-hugging look, even though it was bigger than previous models.

The separate recessed grille reflected European trends while the bulging muscle lines above each wheel arch, the rounded tail and bumper-mounted rear lights were straight Pontiac GTO muscle car.

After it was blacked-out for the Monaro GTS, the HQ's standard silver grille became a 'road-devouring' intake. The Monaro's pillarless coupe roofline and its wrap-over rear window were eye-catching.

A new LS -'luxury and sport' Monaro with black vinyl roof and dual headlights combined Premier appointments with Monaro style.

The HQ was the most radically new model since 1948, and Monaro shared the benefits. It had a partial front subframe that extended to the centre pillar and a totally new rear suspension.

It delivered new levels of structural strength, rough road stability and grip.

Further features included a more comprehensive safety package, Holden's first flow-through ventilation, a demisting system, integrated air-conditioning, a new flat dash and slender front pillars for exceptional forward vision.

Holden sixes were also boosted in size and there were hefty 10-bolt Salisbury limited slip differential rear axles on all V8 models.

A new Australian M21 4-speed close-ratio gearbox could be ordered with the local V8, the big Chevrolet 350 V8 'scored' a new Muncie 4-speed manual and the 350 was fitted with a Turbo-Hydramatic 400 auto shift. While Daddy Cool's Eagle Rock topped the charts, Monaro colors came from the 'flower power' palette. They included several purples, pinks, lime and forest greens, acid reds, bright blues, silver and gold.

As the HQ went through several phases over its long model life, the Monaro GTS coupe was upgraded in 1973 to coincide with the release of the four door GTS. It introduced bold new colors, new bonnet and bootlid rally patches, accents on the side vents and optional polished trim rings for the sports wheels.

Please note: For HQ Monaro Identification from 1st October 1972, see the HQ Monaro 4 Door gallery page.

HQ Holden Monaro Identification
(to end of August, 1972)
Engine Number: (Stamped on a pad at the front of the right hand cylinder bank, with prefix)
HQ GTS 350
Body/Chassis Numbers: (located on plate attached to right hand side of firewall)
Monaro Coupe
Monaro Coupe
Monaro GTS Coupe
Monaro GTS 350 Coupe
Series Code:
Identifies as "HQ" Monaro
Manufacturing Plant ID:
H1 - H4
H5 - H9
J1 - J9
L1 - L5
L6 - L9
5 Digit Serial Number:
The last 5 numbers in the sequence are used as a serial number, based on the plant where it was manufactured, and each in numerical sequence.

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