Holden HG Monaro

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Holden HG Monaro

1970 - 1971
6 cyl. & V8
2640/3050/5035/5700 cc
108-250 bhp 80-186 kW
3/4 spd. man & 2/3 spd. powerglide/tri-matic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
5 star
Regarded as the most sophisticated of the early Monaro models, the HG is today one of the rarest and most sought-after of the charismatic Holden coupes.

Holden designers cleverly removed the detail from the HG's rear lights, providing the illusion of extra size as the lights merged smoothly with the black GTS tail panel.

While the more subtle HG mesh grille revived the simplicity of the first Monaro, GTS blackouts highlighted the bold new centre division and surrounds.

The deletion of sill and wheel arch mouldings and the addition of black rocker panels around the lower body gave the HG GTS a meaner, sleeker look.

Subtle 'sidewinder' stripes that swooped from the rear pillars to the front highlighted the flow in the original Monaro shape.

New decals for the 350 engine were a Monaro first. New metallic colors and the lack of bold bonnet and bootlid stripes reflected a clean custom look and highlighted the 350's quad exhausts.

Engine choice was the same as for final HT models after the local 308 V8 replaced the Chevrolet 307.

A new three-speed Trimatic auto option replaced the Powerglide on all models except the big 350. Although virtually retired from competition duties - replaced by the XU-1 Torana - the Monaro still managed an amazing year on the track.

Norm Beechey's Monaro dominated the Australian Touring Car Championship against serious competition and there was an outstanding Bond/Roberts endurance victory at Surfer's Paradise.

Away from the track, Holden built extra compliance into the Monaro rear suspension, boosting GTS 350 long distance touring capabilities and comfort. The HG GTS 350 manual, with its crisp driving feel and Salisbury limited slip diff, stood as the definitive road car for several Monaro generations.

HG Holden Monaro Identification
Engine Number (Stamped on a pad at the front of the right hand cylinder bank, with prefix):
HG GTS 350 Automatic
HG GTS 350 Manual
Body/Chassis Numbers (located on plate attached to right hand side of firewall):
Monaro Coupe
Monaro Coupe
Monaro GTS Coupe
Monaro GTS 350 Coupe
Series Code:
Identifies as "HG" Monaro
Manufacturing Plant ID:
H1 - H4
H5 - H9
J1 - J9
L1 - L5
L6 - L9
5 Digit Serial Number:
The last 5 numbers in the sequence are used as a serial number, based on the plant where it was manufactured, and each in numerical sequence.

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