HDT Special Vehicles "Brock" Commodore VC

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HDT "Brock" Commodore VC

1980 - 1981
5.4 ltr. V8
160kW @ 4500rpm
4 spd. man; 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
210 km/h
Number Built:
5 star
HDT VC Commodore
When GMH collaborated with race legend Peter Brock for the manufacture of a road going high performance Commodore, everyone knew the final product would be special.

The HDT VC was based on the SL/E and hit the streets in October 1980. By June the following year, from their tiny Melbourne facility, Brock's company had churned out 500 of the awesome HDT VC's.

There was a limited selection of colors, white, red and black (the latter color proving the least popular at the time).

The HDT VC’s were rather gregarious, but that was more fashion of the time, if you were hot, show it.

A huge air-dam was fitted to the front, while the back featured a large three piece spoiler, fat wheel flares and bold striping in red, white or black, stretching from the front spoiler and continuing along the flanks of the car.

The bumpers were color coded and fitted with protective rubber inserts, while inside the standard steering wheel was jettisoned in favor of a personalized Momo version, each bearing the cars build number and Peter Brock’s stenciled signature.

Mechanically, the Brock engineers matched the 5.0 liter V8’s manifold to the head, while the inlet and exhaust ports and the combination chamber were reshaped for better gas flow.

Larger valves and a high capacity air cleaner were fitted to improve breathing, and a dual exhaust system ensured it could exhale as easily as it could inhale. Once again, the build number of each car was struck onto a production place located under the bonnet.

Purchasers could opt for the four speed manual or three speed auto, with either transmission a heavy duty limited slip diff was standard kit. Able to have the needle pointing at the 100 km/h marker in 8.4 seconds, it could cover the 400 metres in just over 16 seconds.

Given the pimp-my-ride looks and well endowed power the car boasted, most forgot about the important stuff. To improve handling, the engineers lowered the VC, and fitted Bilstein gas shocks to better control the suspensions movement. The disc brakes were upgraded to match the extra performance, and the whole package was capped off with the fitment of 15x6 Irmscher alloys, shod with Uniroyal Steel 60 series radial tires. Desirable? You Bet!

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