Holden Commodore VX

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Holden Commodore VX

2000 - 2002
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 liter ECOTEC EFI V6; 3.8 liter Supercharged V6 & 5.7 V8 EFI
152kW (V6); 171kW (Supercharged) & 225kW (V8)
5 spd. Getrag man / 4 spd. Turbohydramatic /
6 spd. manual on SS sedan
Top Speed:
Number Built:
Commodore VX
The VX, while looking very similar to the VT, has some significant improvements. The V6 has been upgraded, and now puts out 152 kW @ 5200 rpm and has improved fuel efficiency.

This is due to upgraded engine management system which now allows individual spark control on each cylinder, and a new inlet manifold. The V8 has also been upgraded and now boasts 225 kW @ 5200 rpm.

These changes are courtesy of new inlet manifold, injectors and upgraded engine management system. The auto transmission has also been recalibrated.

The Supercharged V6 is now an option on Executive and Acclaim models. The VX now has a dual damper drive shaft, with rubber couplings on each end to help fuel economy and minimise vibration.

The front suspension has been modified slightly, with lower control arm pivot points raised by 4mm and a ball joint has replaced a rubber bushing on the stabiliser to strut link.

ABS brakes (Bosch 5.3) are now standard on all models, as is a CD player and steering wheel audio system controls. Traction control is now available with the manual transmission.

Holden has undertaken extensive research with Monash University Accident Research Centre into side-impact collisions, and as a result has modified the B pillar (centre pillar).

The result is that the risk of injury in a side-impact collision with no side airbags, is half of that in the VT. The main body changes are to the headlights and front grills, and to the tail lights.

Some changes introduced with the Series II include: The new rear suspension on Series II - known as Control-Link independent rear suspension (IRS) - which has been designed by Holden engineers to combine all the traction qualities of a supple independent rear suspension system with even greater stability, handling precision and control.

Control-Link IRS features extra link arms which assist in keeping the car precisely on track over bumps and during strong acceleration, deceleration or braking. Its benefits are particularly noticeable in challenging cornering situations. By improving rear grip and keeping the vehicle on a tighter line, Control-Link IRS assists drivers to negotiate corners and bends more confidently. The suspension packages across the Series II Statesman and Caprice model range have been totally re-tuned to complement the rear suspension changes, further enhancing stability and ride comfort. Revised steel belt tire construction also contributes to a sharper and more accurate steering feel.

All Series II models are equipped with new stalk controls for indicator, wiper and cruise control functions. The cruise control is operated using a more intuitive twist switch mechanism instead of the previous button system. The Commodore SS introduces the option of striking colored leather interior trim, specifically designed to complement exteriors finished in Red Hot and the brilliant new Hyper yellow.

The Commodore SS customised color theme extends to instrument clusters, metallised console fascias and seat trims. Calais buyers may also choose new color-keyed leather trim - in Cobalt, Light Shale and Dark Red - to harmonise with and complement exterior colors. The Calais centre console and instrument fascia are finished in metallic silver.

Stylish black leather trim also joins the option list for Commodore S, SS and Calais. Commodore Executive and Acclaim feature new micro-check patterned trim on the head restraints and seat bolsters. With the introduction of the Series II model range, grey-toned interiors are now finished in the darker shade of Anthracite.

Berlina and Calais feature distinctive new grille inserts with diagonal crosshatching and new rear badges; Calais headlamps are outlined with sporty black bezels; Commodore Executive and Acclaim have revised grille treatments and new wheel covers. For added security, Commodore Executive, Acclaim, S and SS models are now fitted with an alarm system, operated via remote control Power Key, which sounds the vehicle's horn when triggered.

Berlina sedans and wagons now offer the convenience of twilight sentinel which automatically turns headlamp controls on and off. Holden underlines its commitment to technological leadership and to satisfying customer needs with the introduction of the Holden Assist in-car communications system as an option offered to Calais buyers. Combining mobile phone and global positioning system technology, the system puts drivers in direct phone contact with the Holden Assist Centre, which is manned 24 hours a day and offers a range of support services.

The Holden Assist system can also remotely unlock doors on command, diagnose low battery voltage, detect unauthorised entry, track and immobilise the vehicle if stolen and automatically notify authorities of an airbag deployment.

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