Holden Commodore VK

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Holden Commodore VK

1984 - 1986
6 cyl. & V8
3.3 & 3.3EFI L6; 5.0 V8
4/5 spd. man; 3 speed Trimatic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
The VK Commodore represented the first major change to the Commodore since the release of the VB in 1978.

Sporting an all new and more agressive look than the previous models, the additional side windows helped make the VK look longer, and by reworking the rubber seals the GMH engineers were able to give the VK a squarer, more prominent look.

The inside was to come in for a substantial makeover too, although the newly squared-off design of the instruments was not to everyones liking.

Some tweaking of the model range would see the SL/E name dropped in favour of the Calais, while two new models were designated to sit between it and the base SL, the new Executive and Berlina.

The base model 3.3 motor was reserved for the SL, Executive and Vacationer, while the more upmarket Berlina and Calais were fitted with the 3.3 EFI or 5.0 liter V8 motors.

The 3300 six cylinder engine was now fitted with electronic fuel injection, thoroughly modern even if its ancestory lay with the first red engine fitted to the EH back in 1963.

The addition of fuel injection gave the 3.3 a much needed boost in performance, much more than most commentators of the day had anticipated.

Now much smoother and more tractable, it would win over the hearts of any that drove it - to the point that many considered it a better engine than the once lauded 4.2 V8, the 253 not making the cut and being dropped from the lineup.

But the pick of the VK range was always the SS or Calais (V8 equipped) models. Interestingly, the L31 5.0 liter V8 was replaced by the LV2 4.9 liter midway through the life of the VK in June 1985. Designed to help the Commodore in Group A racing, the new motor was considerably lighter (shedding 75kg) although most still refer to it as a 5.0 liter. V8 engined cars also had the advantage of being equipped with a much better braking system, including 4 wheel discs and increased brake booster capacity.

The VK also had success at Mount Panorama, winning in 1984 (Peter Brock/Larry Perkins) and 1986 (Allan Grice/Graeme Bailey), only missing out in 1985 due to rule changes to the Jaguar XJS of Armin Hahne and John Goss. Did anyone notice that the 1.9 liter 4 and 2.85 liter 6's were dropped from the Commodore lineup? Not really.

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