Hillman Arrow and Hunter

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Hillman Hunter

Hillman Arrow and Hunter

1966 - 1979
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1725/1496 cc
4 speed manual
Top Speed:
83 - 96 mph
Number Built:
1 star
The Hillman Hunter started life in October 1966, born into an era of car manufacturer rationalisation where many manufacturers were being amalgamated, renamed or even closed down.

The Rootes group was made up of Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam and Singer. Rootes had acquired an interest in the Hillman Car Company around 1930 but the Rootes company had hit trouble by the 1960's and the Chrysler Corporation, during their first foray into Europe, took over in 1967.

First introduced into Australia as the "Arrow", the Hunter was a conventional design, square four-door sedan (and later estate) with a live rear axle and ohv engine (initially 1725cc with a 1496cc in 1970).

The engine had already been previously used in other Rootes cars. The body design was little changed during its production run and its shape again was shared with other Rootes products such as the Hillman Minx, Humber Sceptre, Singer Gazelle, Singer Vogue and the Sunbeam Vogue.

There were a number of models introduced and small changes made:- the Mark II in September 1967; a GT version in 1969; a De Luxe (DL Saloon & Estate) version with 1496cc motor in 1970; basic Hunter designated the Super 1970; GL introduced 1970; Topaz limited edition 1975.

Chrysler UK began to rationalize the Rootes range in the early 1970s and Hillman was the last name of the old crowd to disappear when the Hillman Hunter and Avenger became the Chrysler Hunter & Avenger in 1976.

The Hunter was produced until 1979 and then was sold off in its entirety to Iran where it is still produced today under the Peykan name.

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