Ford Thunderbird

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Ford Thunderbird

1955 - 1957
4785-5113 cc
193-212 bhp
3 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
177-193 km/h
Number Built:
4 star
Although it does not look like a sporty 2 door car, the Thunderbird was in fact designed to counter GM's Chev Corvette.

The result may not have hit the mark by today's standards, however today the car stands proud with its minimal chrome work and classic long nose with sweeping rear boot.

The 4.8 liter motor produced 200 bhp and with a top speed of 183 km/h and the standing 100 in under 10 seconds this car was even quicker than the Aston Martin of the day.

Ford did not stop there, however, increasing the engine size to 5.1 liters. Classic features included the "Continental" spare mounted on the rear boot, power soft top and even an optional hard-top.

Later models produced in the 60's are very collectable, but the 55-57 cars are almost legend.

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Posted 714 days ago
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Posted 714 days ago
The manual <a href=" *** fcyhrqcxz *** ">spdens< ;/a> too much time on the rare need for a complete engine overhaul and then <a href=" *** fcyhrqcxz *** ">spdens< ;/a> too little attention to things that the typical owner needs to do. Not unique to Haynes, just a common problem. Sadly, did not really get to use the manual. I ordered it to deal with a problem, but delivery took so long I had to get one form another source so I could get the vehicle back on the road.
Posted 714 days ago
This manual has bemoce a great asset for me and my lil' T-bird.It has helped me fix most of the problems that I've had with it, and I have zero knowledge of cars. Yet, this manual has guided me to the problems and helped me fix them besides my lack of knowledge. One of the only problems with the manual is that it isnt as well written as I would have liked it to be. It was kind of hard to find certain things, but it was all really good.If you have a t-bird, or any car, pick the haynes manuals up, right now! *** lubhzj *** [url= *** iczkag *** ]iczkag[/url] [link= *** ayceqji *** ]ayceqji[/link]
Posted 717 days ago
I agree with the fuse deal..if that is indeed a 20 amp.. Also, check under the seat<a href=" *** rrjclcb *** "> cseolly</a>, CLOSELY, for the power connection. It may have become separated from agressive cleaningor some other form of disconnect ( ie,, stuffing something under it )You may also try bypassing the switch and have someone with sometechnical experience bypass everthing right to the power seat itself.At least you will be able to touch your pedals. That is a bit of prioirityhere..Good Luck to you
Posted 717 days ago
A jak twoim zdaniem wyaglda profesjonalna naprawa skoro to jest prymityw?? W Polsce nie takie rzeczy sie naprawia, nawet najbardziej zmasakrowane auto teoretycznie mozna doprowadzic do stanu sprzed wypadku. Pisze teoretycznie bo czesto technologia jakiej trzeba uzyc jest nieoplacalna. Najgorsze jest to ze ten samochod pewnie sprzedano jako bazwypadkowy Nie krytykuj blacharzy, oni tylko wykonuja swoja prace i w tym przypadku zrobili to naprawde niezle:)
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