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1976 - 1979
5.8 351ci liter
3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1 star
Once more it was apparent that the FB (or P6) LTD was based upon the equivalent Fairlane, but with an impressive frontal treatment.

With its Rolls Royce style grille, and the large circular head lamps set in a bluff vertical front panel, the P6 presented a bold and dominating presence on the road.

Also impressive was the even greater wheelbase, and a list of standard features that wanted for nothing. Few could see the family resemblence of the XC from which it was based, and with a massive wheelbase of 3074mm it was at the time the longest of any new car in Australia.

The extra length gave the LTD a wonderfully supple ride on country roads, where it could soak up the miles better than any other. The HO (Handling Option) included heavy duty shock absorbers, increased fade resistant brakes and a slightly raised ride height. And, given fuel stops could be infrequent in outback Australia, it also came with a long range fuel tank.

The longer wheelbase also added to the acres of space available to rear seat passengers. In fact, riding in the back had never been so good in an Australian car. The rear seats featured their own air-conditioning ducts, ashtray, cigar lighter and power window switch, along with individual map pockets, a central armrest and amazing forward vision, courtesy of the use of narrower front seat head restraints.

Inside the dash was revised, the crash pad being lowered to allow for better forward visibility. Strangely, the Ford designers went back to using a strip style speedo, something not seen even in a Fairlane for many years. This anomoly would also be replicated by the General with their HJ Holden.

Even the steering wheel was re-designed, it now having a flattened bottom to allow greater leg room. Greater effort was also placed on safety, with even the bottom of the dash being padded to afford better knee protection.

Mechanical changes were made to allow for creeping emissions regulations and improve the handling, and a new and unique dashboard was fitted. Tougher emission regulations saw Ford fit the Carter four-barrel carburetor, however power and torque were well down. The LTD was never going to win at the lights, nor on the twisty stuff, but for soaking up the miles or transporting the occasional VIP, there was no better Aussie built car. The FB was manufactured between September 1976 and May, 1979.

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