Ford Falcon XP

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Ford Falcon XP

1965 - 1966
6 cyl.
2.4 liter (144ci) / 3.3 liter (200ci)
121 bhp (3.3 liter)
3 spd. man / 2 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
4 star
The XP was the last facelift of the original Falcon and featured an aggressive, squared off look to the front end and more solid styling overall.

The development of the car over the years since its introduction paid off, and the XP was very well regarded by the press of the time, now more than capable of matching its competitors and winning Wheels magazines "Car of the Year" award for 1965.

Gone was the droopy nose design, the new front end treatment making the Falcon appear more agressive and even sleeker, with the sculptured side extending to form a brow over the lights and grille.

Also introduced with the XP was the first Fairmont, the prestige model in the Falcon range, fitted out with all the latest luxury features (however the unpopular Squire wagon models were dropped).

In a first for an Australian built car, the XP Fairmont was fitted with power assisted brakes and Girling front discs, and the front bucket seats could also be reclined. In every respect, it was a worthy competitor for the General's "Prem".

To save re-tooling costs, both the utility and van carried over the XL models rear panels, something Holden buyers of such models had become quite used to.

But on the bright side, the Aussie designed and built Borg Warner Type-35 automatic transmission was made available, clearly demonstrating Ford's committment to Australian manufacturing. Today the XP is regarded by many as the most collectable of the early Falcon's, particularly in Hardtop and Super Pursuit 200 guise.

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