Ford Falcon XE

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Ford Falcon XE

1982 - 1984
6 cyl.
3.3 & 4.1 liter 6 cyl.
3/4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1 star
The XE celebrated a defining point for Ford Australia as they finally passed GMH in the sales wars, and with a product that they least expected, the Falcon.

With its revised front end design, utilising a wrapover bonnet that presaged the demise of the traditional grille in the future, the car was a mild re-style of its predecessor.

Helping Ford take out top spot were the value packed versions of the XE, such as the "Falcon Eclipse", which featured a two tone paint scheme, styled sports wheels shod with ER78 steel belted radial ply tires, these being further dressed up with addition of a chrome ornament ring and attractive centre cap.

Mechanically things changed and the leaf springs disappeared forever, replaced by a four link system and coil springs (at least for the sedans). Gone too, in November, 1982, was the V8.

After an unbroken run of 16 years in the Falcon, it had been decided that in the fuel efficient times, the big V was just too politically incorrect.

For those fond of the BBQ, Ford engineers enlarged the size of the boot to ensure the standard sized esky could fit, something many had found as a terrible oversight with the XD. The XE was also the first Falcon to offer a 5 speed manual gearbox, although this was only available on the 3.3 liter six.

The irony was that the Falcon's sales success was due to buyers rediscovering their love for big cars. Many consider this the first real mistake the company had made since the introduction of the XK Falcon back in 1960.

Perhaps in an attempt to show the buying public the durability and flexibility of the 4.1 liter engine, Ford set no fewer than 17 national speed records in June 1982. Average hourly speeds were set at a staggering 176 km/h during the 24 hour endurance run.

It is a shame then that most remember the XE as the model that ended the run of the Ford V8. In truth, the XE was in many ways a much better car than the XD, particularly with regards to the suspension fitted to the sedans. The Ford engineers had worked hard at reducing noise, vibration and general NVH and, in February 1983, electronic fuel injection was offered as an option on the 4.1 liter six.

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