Ford Falcon XB GT

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GT Falcon

Ford Falcon XB GT

1973 - 1976
5.8 ltr
260bhp / 195kw
4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1950 (4 door) / 949 (Hardtop)
5 star
Introduced in September, 1973 the XB offered a minor but succesful restyling of the XA, with its color keyed bumpers and recessed grille offering a cleaner and tidier presentation.

The XB featured a slight restyle of the previous model, featuring a cleaner but more aggressive front end with a forward sloping bonnet and a wide set, 'egg-crate' split grille.

The design was very reminiscent of the 1971-73 U.S. Mustang. The tail lamps were also neatened.

The 351ci Cleveland V8 engine remained, now solely manufactured in Australia rather than imported and in a major development, four wheel disk brakes were fitted as standard.

The XB ran out the GT line, existing until June, 1976 after which there were no more GT's.

While it suffered from falling performance at the hands of emission regulations, it excelled in the Grand Tourer role, being comfortable and refined, with good handling, great brakes and V8 performance.

Only 1950 four doors were produced, and 949 hardtops, making the Falcon XB GT highly collectable today.

There is also considerable prestige associated with the fact that the XB GT was used as the basis for the black "Pursuit Special", or "The last of the V8 Interceptors", featured prominently in the Mad Max and Mad Max 2 films.

Today many car collectors consider them a true Aussie icon, and deservedly so! Even stock standard 1974 XB sedans, used as the basis for the blue and yellow "Police Interceptors" in the first Mad Max film, are today finding a new cult following.

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