Ford Falcon XA GT

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GT Falcon

Ford Falcon XA GT

1972 - 1973
260bhp / 195kw
4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1868 (4 door) / 891 (Hardtop)
5 star
The XA GT was the first Australian designed Ford, and the GT version was a more refined car than its predecessors (which had been designed more as road going race cars than true Grand Tourers).

Ford hoped to change this with the XA, but in so doing lost some of the raw appeal that had endeared the XR-XY to the public.

The XA's, while fitted with the same 351ci Cleveland V8, appeared not to be as quick. Ford, however, had a plan and waiting in the wings was the four door XA Phase 4.

Sadly, a wave of media hysteria over Super Cars and government interference led to the cancelation of the new HO. Whatever the perception was of the road going XA GT's performance, in racing hardtop guise, it remains the only Falcon to win twice at Bathurst.

1868 XA GT four doors were produced, and 891 hardtops.

Marketed under the 'Born on the Wind' slogan, the XA was a great success for Ford Australia and a confident statement of its independence.

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