Ford Fairlane ZF

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Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane ZF

1972 - 1973
6 cyl. & V8
250ci 6 / 302 - 351ci V8
155hp 6 / 220-290hp V8
3 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
The ZF marked a complete new re-styling of the Fairlane, now wholly Australian designed and produced.

It was easy to see that the design was influenced by the new XA Falcon, retaining, as the previous cars had done, the basic central structure including the doors, and bulking out either end.

The bold grille and unique tail lamps helped, but there was a feeling that it did not differentiate itself enough from its smaller Ford contemporary. The four headlights were placed in a horizontal pattern once more, inside a full width grille.

The two model line up of "Custom" and "500" remained, as did the same wheelbase, however the car was now lower, wider, and the track had been increased by 38mm.

There was a small increase in price, up $250 on the outgoing ZD, although both models now featured as standard power assisted disc brakes. Unfortunately though, the power steering remained an option on the Custom.

Ford's faith in the large luxury car market had proved well founded, and the Fairlane was now facing even stiffer opposition from GMH and Chrysler.

To raise the bench mark for locally built luxury sedans, the Ford designers made the ZF interior something quite special.

There we high backed seats, and the luxury option included retractable seat belts, air conditioning, a sliding sun roof, cloth seat trim, a four speaker stereo, radio tape player or push button radio, and tinted side and rear windows.

Optional performance equipment included the "Hi-Ride" suspension with limited slip differential (which was mandatory on 351ci engined cars), heavy duty shook absorbers and a dust protection package was also available. To help individualise your Fairlane, you could option two-tone paint, a tinted laminated windscreen, passenger side rear view mirror, all important vinyl roof and a choice of five colours and body mouldings.

The ZF was manufactured between March 1972 and October 1973.

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