Ford Capri Mk. 1

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Ford Capri

Ford Capri Mk. 1

1969 - 1972
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1599 cc
75bhp @ 5700rpm
4 spd. man or 3 speed auto
Top Speed:
165-180 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
The Ford Capri was first introduced into Australia in May, 1969 and was initially available only as a 1600 Deluxe or a 1600 GT.

In February, 1970, the 1600 GT was replaced by the more powerful V6 3000GT, although a 1600 XL model was introduced to fill the void left by the 1600 GTs demise.

The four cylinder Capri's sold extremely well (over 12,000 units were sold in less than four years), with more than a third of these being sold within the first year.

Capri 1600 Deluxe - "The car that reshapes your life" was how the official Ford brochure described the Capri Deluxe! slip behind the wheel and something happens.

The world suddenly looks a little better to you. And you relax back in your snug bucket seat knowing that your Capri makes you look a little better to the world, too.

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