Fiat 130 Coupe

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Fiat 130 Coupe

1971 - 1977
3235 cc
165 bhp
5 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
189 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Fiat 130 Coupe
Despite being unpopular this car was actually very finely engineered with perfect proportions and superb elegance with ample room for four passengers.

Its seats were rich velour and housed electric windows and aerial. It had a smooth free-revving V6 motor which was upgraded to 3.2 liters from 2.8 to answer criticism about its performance.

Its power was still fairly modest at 165 bhp but these heavy cars inevitably felt quicker on the road than against the clock.

The majority had automatic transmission with a five-speed manual being an option. It shared the same independent suspension as the Fiat Dino with power steering being standard.

Production was halted in 1977 with the coupe lasting a year longer than the saloon. Rust has been its main detraction and unaffected models are highly sought after.

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Posted 743 days ago
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Posted 745 days ago
Though this Coupe looks in really good shape, but the price seems to me a llttie bit overstated. And in my opinion the price isnc2b4t reasonable, moreover the car has automatic transmission. I think the prices here in Europe are normally about 5k EUR lower for such 2000+ Coupe in nice shape with 100k km (60k miles), ie. price about 15k EUR for a such Coupe would be quite adequate. But the supply of 3.0i Coupe isnc2b4t any wide at all if you are looking for a good one.By the way I really like this website! Please keep posting Coupes and M Coupes!
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