Daimler Majestic Major

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Daimler Majestic Major

1959 - 1968
United Kingdom
4 spd. man
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3 star
Daimler Majestic Major
An unlikely high performer the Daimler Majestic was fitted with a brand new 4.7 liter hemi-head V8 that gave the vehicle a top speed of 193 km/h. Quicker than rival Jaguars and an astonishing 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7 seconds.

Considered to be good value at the time, the vehicle came standard with an automatic transmission, power steering, disc brakes and a leather interior. Production and therefore sales were low, resulting in only 1180 vehicles being produced.

From that point on, following the takeover by Jaguar, all Daimlers were destined to become badge engineered Jaguars. One of the most impressive post-war saloons to emerge from the Daimler company first appeared in 1959, the Majestic Major.

Based on the original six cylinder Majestic the Majestic Major introduced a powerful new V8 to the range, measuring 4561cc. This wonderful engine featured a "hemi" (Hemispherical) alloy cylinder head and developed some 220bhp.

Despite only having an automatic transmission the Majestic Major could easily top 120mph, almost giving the car a "Q" car kudos.

Externally the only real clues to what lurked under the bonnet of the Majestic Major were the "V8" symbols cast into the front horn grilles, the rest of the car looked dignified and understated. Production of the Majestic Major continued until 1968, 1180 examples were completed.

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