Daimler Conquest

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Daimler Conquest

1953 - 1956
United Kingdom
6 cyl.
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
87 mph.
Number Built:
4 star
Daimler Conquest
Daimler replaced its elderly Consort model with an all new model, the Conquest, in 1953. The new Conquest had a shorter overall length and consequently less weight than the old Consort and was of a more modern design, finally leaving the pre-war styling cues behind.

The Conquest had a new short stroke six cylinder engine which developed 75bhp from its 2433cc. Other mechanical features included torsion bar suspension and old-fashioned hydromech brakes.

Overall the new Daimler had a traditional feel which included the compulsory wood and leather interior along with the famous, upright Daimler grille. Around the same time that the new Conquest model was released, Daimler also introduced the roadster version.

Sharing the same 2433cc six cylinder engine as the heavier sedan, its lighter weight allowed it to attain a top speed in excess of 100mph. Using the traditional Daimler grille, the roadster looked a little awkward compared to the sedan, looking very conventional at front while putting an emphasis at rear on the then fashionable tail fins.

Production of this all alloy bodied sports car continued until 1955, with a total of 65 manufactured, when it was replaced by a more serious looking Conquest Drophead Coupe. Production numbers indicated left are in the order Conquest 'Sedan', 'Roadster' and 'Drophead Coupe'.

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