Citroen SM

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Citroën SM

1970 - 1975
2670/2965 cc
170-180 bhp
5 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:

225 km/h

Number Built:
4 star
The SM eventuated after Citroen acquired a controlling interest in Italian manufacturer Maserati - and decided that a vehicle should be created that utilized the best from both companies.

This prestige SM was created in 1970, and used a smaller V6 version of Maserti's quad-cam V8 motor, combined with Citroen's already well developed front wheel drive that had its gearbox/transaxle unit slung ahead of the compact engine.

Now, at last, a performance Citroen...

As with the DS before it, the SM used Citroen's famous hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system which was interconnected with four-wheel disc brakes and very responsive power steering.

This car was quick and classy, superbly stable at higher speeds while maintaining that comfortable carpet ride feel so praised in the DS.

Its shape was to win critical acclaim with a purposeful broad nose that was fully flared in glass and a tapering tail. It was a four-seater with a stylish interior that matched its futuristic exterior.

Initially sales were strong but with the advent of the 1973 fuel crisis saw the SM suffer as this car was most uneconomical at 18 mpg. Production halted in 1975 with just under 13,000 being built.
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