Chevrolet Camaro

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Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

1967 - 1969
350 cu
295 bhp
Top Speed:
Number Built:
4 star
Chev Comaro
The Ford Mustang can be credited with forcing other US car manufacturers to design and manufacture cars with personality and design flair.

The AMC Javelin, Plymouth Barracuda and the now infamous Chevy Camaro were all created in response to the incredible popularity of the Mustang!

The first Camaros started rolling off the assembly line and into dealerships in late 1966, and more than 220,000 were sold in this introductory year, including over 25,000 convertibles.

These"First Generation" Camaros lasted from 1967 to 1969 and introduced the Z28 to the automotive world.

Performance options initially were the "SS", "RS" and "Z-28" models. The "SS" Super Sport model came with special stripes around the nose cone, chrome hood simulated air-intakes, a blacked-out grill with the "SS 350" logo and a 350 cu. in. engine developed exclusively for the Camaro.

Modified from the popular 327 cu. in., it offered 295 bhp and came with dual resonator exhaust. Later in the year the screamer 396 with 375 bhp was made available.

The "RS" Rally Sport option could be ordered with the SS, and was basically a trim package that included the great looking hide-away headlamps in a blackened grill with special black-striped tail lamps.

The "Z-28" also made its debut, though it wasn't offered as a seperate model. You had to order several different options individually to get it and many Chevy sales people were not even aware of it.

The "Z" was fitted with a special 302 engine, and although it was advertised as developing 290 bhp, legend has it that the engine actually produced something like 360 bhp.

64,842 "RS" and 34,411 "SS" cars were manufactured, however the fact that only 602 Z-28s were built makes this model the most desired by collectors today.

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