Bugatti Type 35

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Bugatti Type 35

1924 - 1931
Inline-8, sohc, 3v/cyl.
1100-2300 cc
90+ bhp
4 spd. non-syncro man
Top Speed:
125mph / 201 km/h
Number Built:
5 star
Jean Bugatti with the Royale
In 1924, Bugatti produced the famous Type 35, a car that would achieve some 2000 competition victories in its production life of seven years.

There were several sub-derivatives of the Type 35, with engines ranging in capacity from 1100cc to 2300cc, and body work built to sports or purpose built racing car specifications.

The Type 35, like the earlier Type 30 of 1922, used a straight-eight cylinder engine, originally of 2 liters and good for 90bhp.

It is interesting to note that Bugatti made the leap from 4 cylinders to straight-8 cylinder engines without ever developing a mid-range 6 cylinder unit.

Later there were 2.3-liter Type 35Ts ( the T designating "Targa Florio"), and various Grand Prix types, including the supercharged Type 35Bs and 35Cs.

The Type 35 provided stellar performance, was blessed with an extraordinary chassis and had a wonderful weight distribution perhaps only bettered by later mid-engined vehicles.

At the Parisian Fair of 1927 the Type 35 was displayed, fully adorned with the trophies of countless race wins up until that time.

The straight-eight engine was a masterpiece, both in its appearance and in its function. Two separate four-cylinder aluminum blocks were fixed to a common crankcase, all fits and finish being such that gaskets were not required.

The engine was fed by twin Zenith or Solex carburetors, while the crankshaft ran in five ball (or roller) bearings.

A Type 35 weighed about 1650lb, and racing versions were dominant in GP racing for several years. Most 'touring' versions were Type 35As, which looked like the GP racing derivatives, but had a less-complicated three-ball-bearing crankshaft engine from the Type 38.

These cars were good for a top speed of around 90mph (145 km/h), though competition types were capable of well over 100mph (160.9 km/h), and a 35B was clocked at almost 125mph (201 km/h) in 1930.

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