Bolwell Mk. IX Ikara

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Bolwell Mk. IX Ikara

Volkswagen Golf 4 cyl.
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
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4 star
Bolwell Mk. IX Ikara
During the halcyon days of the fifties and sixties, sports cars were less compromising and offered no pretense of sophistication or luxury.

Expectations rose during the 1970's (led in many ways by Mercedes seeking to make their expensive sports cars appealing to the Hollywood Boulevard brigade).

It was inevitable then that the Bolwell Nagari also evolved as more a "grand tourer". It was against this background that Campbell conceived his next and last vehicle. In 1979 the Ikara (Mk IX) was born.

But he decided it had to be different - different from the past and different from the competition. The first priority was to make the car extremely light, and so he choose to revert back to the space frame chassis.

Instead of doors the Ikara used step over sills, just like that of the Elfin Clubman of the sixties. High strength-to-weight fiberglass body panels and a mid-engined configuration made the Ikara a real driver's car.

It used a VW 1600 Golf single overhead camshaft power plant and a manual 4 speed transmission. The motor could be converted to use either natural gas or diesel as well as gasoline, and was good for around 180bhp. Everything about the Ikara was super lightweight.

A high raked windscreen and Targa enclosed roll bar enhanced the simple styling. About 20 were made and sold in Australia before the concept was sold to a company in Greece.

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