Bolwell Mk. VIII Nagari

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Bolwell Mk. VIII Nagari

1969 - 1972
Ford 8 cyl.
302 or 351ci
4 spd. top-loader
Top Speed:
Number Built:
4 star
Bolwell Mk VIII Nagari
On Graeme Bolwells return from a working holiday in the UK (with much time spent at Lotus), work soon commenced on the MK VIII. In fact this new model was released in 1969 while the MK VII was still in production!

The fish mouthed "E-type" front was replaced by a redesigned wedge-shaped nose. Graeme acknowledged that the rear screen was very much like the Lotus Europa and that the doors were similar to the Lamborghini Muira, but the tail was pure Bolwell - although the shape had to be tempered to take proprietary tail-lights (similar to the Aston Martin DB6).

For the first time a Bolwell had protection with the bolt-in front and rear bumpers, a design breakthrough by Bolwell. But the biggest change came with the power plant and other components.

The MK VIII moved from Holden to Ford power, utilising a 302 or 351 cubic inch V8 engine to propel the 920kg body and its occupants - a very light-weight, very high powered car.

Other changes were just as significant. The new vehicle was given a name, the Nagari. The whole vehicle was produced in the factory to turn-key finish, and became the best known Bolwell.

The transmission was a Ford top-loader. The MK VIII design came initially from the Mk VII body, which they first reinforced so that it would hold its shape and then built up into the new shape they wanted.

At manufacture stage, the body of the Nagari was made in one piece, just like the Lotus, unlike the previous technique of making sections in individual moulds and glassing them together.

In 1972 a convertible was introduced and this had its "Y" forked chassis strengthened and steel reinforced. In total, some 127 coupes and 13 convertibles were manufactured.

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