Bolwell Mk. VII

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Bolwell Mk. VII

1967 - 1972
Holden 6 cyl.
4 spd. man
Top Speed:

200+ km/h

Number Built:
4 star
Bolwell Mk VII
The Bolwell MK VII marked the start of something big. It was a sleek, fastback coupe that maintained the Holden components theme with more than a hint of Ferrari styling. Like the Lotus Elan, it had a backbone chassis, formed by folded sheet metal.

The rear axle was held in place by trailing arms and radius rods, with coil springs and telescopic dampers. The top speed broke the 200 kmh (125mph) limit and was an exciting car to drive.

During a six year period (1967-1972), 400 units received registration plates, making Bolwell Australia's fifth largest vehicle manufacturer. It was still predominantly manufactured in kit form, but a number of complete cars were also built by the factory.

Just before the model hit the market, Graeme left for a working holiday in the U.K. where he spent five months working for Colin Chapman at the Lotus factory in Cheshunt, just north of London.

Lotus at that time was making track winning cars from Le Mans to Silverstone and even formula one. Graeme took a keen interest in the new Lotus developments, as well as the competition.

He saw the possibilities of combining European elegance with the Australian grunt of a large V8 engine. But it was also the small things that he wanted in the new Bolwell. MkVII's already used folding steel hinges for the bonnet, but Graeme was amazed to see that Lotus glass cast ferrules into the body work, with bonnets and boots anchored to them.

You guessed it, the Mk VIII would soon follow.

Text and Images courtesy Bolwell Car Club:

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