Bolwell Mk. VI

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Bolwell Mk. VI (SR6)

Holden 6 cyl.
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
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5 star
Bolwell Mk VI
While the Bolwell Mk V was designed for general consumption, the Bolwell brothers' set about designing a race special, the resultant Mk VI (SR6) being a mid-engined masterpiece that was raced very successfully in various Australian sports car events – and is still around today!

It’s only fault came in the excessive cost and complexity of manufacture, so much so that only one was ever produced!

To quote from the book “Great Australian Sports Cars” by Mike McCarthy, "Yes, there was a Mk 6. The one and only of its kind, the Mk 6 was an open two seater sort of an enlarged Lotus 23 but using Holden parts including Australia’s own six-cylinder engine sitting behind the cockpit where it was adapted to a back-to-front.

It first raced on 22/11/69 fitted with a Repco Holden engine and a modified VW transaxle, then later with a red 202 Holden and a Mark 5 Hewland transaxle The SR6 is now generally in its 1976 format."

The SR6 was competitive in circuit racing and hill climb events in fact, it held the out right record at Morwell Hill Climb and was timed at 156 mph at Phillip Island. The car has been fully restored with a ground up rebuild to racing condition.

With current logbook. the SR6 is classified as a Group Q car, where it has the ability to race as a front runner in the fastest historical racing category, without the expense.

SPECIFICATIONS: Holden stretched 186 6 cylinder "Red" motor (approx HP 250), triple Weber carburetors, steel crank, roller rockers, Hewland FT 200 transaxle, fully adjustable independent front & rear suspension 10"x13' front alloy rims/14"x13" rear alloy rims Girlock alloy disk calipers. Timed top speed 156 MPH.

Text and Images courtesy Bolwell Car Club:

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