BMW 328

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BMW 328

1936 - 1940
Inline 6 SOHC
1971 cc
80 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
93 mph
Number Built:
5 star
BMW 328
A stand-out amoungst pre-war sports cars, the BMW 328 was very versatile, offering superb handling, a great engine, good performance, while remaining both practical and durable.

There were few pre-war sports cars that could be more satisfying to own and drive. The emphasis was on minimal weight and aerodynamics - two elements that had been learned from the company's aero engine and motorcycle programs.

The chassis was constructed by tubular steel backbone, the bodywork was made of aircraft aluminum - making the 328 not only light but free of corrosion - a delight for today's car collectors.

Innovation can also be found under the bonnet. The 2-liter straight-six featured advanced hemispherical combustion chambers, however to prevent the excessive cost and complexity of using twin camshafts, the inclined valves were driven by a single camshaft via cross-pushrods, a very clever compromise!

The 328's 80 bhp may seem on paper to be a little underpowered, however this figure should be read in context with the 328's incredibly light weight (830 kg) and aerodynamic wind-cheating body.

But the best feature of the 328 was its road handling. The combinantion of a light-weight body and fully independant front suspension set new standards for the time, offering levels of roadholding, cornering and handling precision previously unheard of.

It is no wonder then that many collectors consider the 328 to be the best sports car of the 1930's.

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