Austin Healey 3000

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Austin Healey

Austin-Healey 3000

1959 - 1967
United Kingdom
Straight 6
3955 cc
282 bhp
4/5 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
225 km/h
Number Built:
4 star
Austin Healey 3000
Originally the "big" Healey was the Austin Healey 100 with its 2.6-liter four cylinder motor established from the Austin Atlantic. The Healey was not seen as a sophisticated vehicle with its separate chassis, cam-and-peg steering and solid rear axle.

In 1956 the six-cylinder BMC series C engine was used in a stretch version of this car to make the 100/6. But this car was not that successful with performance being down.

Along came the 3000 MkI in 1959. Performance increased to 183 km/h and new disc brakes certainly improved the stopping power. From this point on the cars were two-plus-two only and could be easily recognised by the vertical-slat front grille.

Austin saved the best for last with the 1964 MkIII. Brakes were better and the interior boasted a rather opulent wooden dash. The United States was seen as the car's biggest market which ironically brought the downfall of the 3000 due to strict safety legislation. It was replaced by the less successful MGC.

Despite its low ground clearance the 3000 was a remarkable works rally car and remains a very sought-after car in Britain and Australia.

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