Audi Quattro

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Audi Quattro

In-line 5 cyl. SOHC
2144 cc
200 bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
135 mph
Number Built:
3 star
Audi Quattro
Arguably the greatest driver's car of the 80's, the original Audi Quattro had superb handling due to its innovative 4wd system. The Quattro was also innovative in that Audi had become the first car maker to put full-time 4wd to mass production.

That's easy to understand, since the contemporary 4wd systems of the time were heavy, energy-inefficient and expensive. Moreover, for most road cars, 4wd was always thought to be unnecessary.

Ferdinand Piech, chief of the Audi's engineering department, also a member of the Porsche family, thought different. He believed 4wd not only could win world rally championship (which was Audi's core racing program) but could also help improving the handling of cars.

Under his leadership, engineers developed a lighter and more efficient 4wd system called Quattro (means "4"), which used 3 differentials - one between front wheels, one in the rear and a center differential responsible for dividing torque between front and rear axles. As a result, energy waste was reduced a lot.

Other parts of the car were also impressive. Although based on the model "Audi Coupe" to cut cost, Quattro was wider, more elegant and beautifully styled (especially the wide C-pillar).

Power came from a turbocharged version of the distinctive 5-cylinder engine which output 200 hp. Handling was first class, with plenty of feel so that it's great fun to drive.

Besides, cabin space was as large as a sedan, since the Audi Coupe was derived from Audi 80. Quattro was so perfectly engineered that even its second generation could not match its pure steering feel. Therefore it is still regarded as the best Audi ever built.
Audi Quattro

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