Aston Martin DB2

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB2

1950 - 1959
United Kingdom
DOCH straight 6
2580-2922 cc
107-196 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
185-209 km/h.
Number Built:
DB2 to Mk.III 1,728
5 star
The Aston Martin DB2 of 1950 was seen as the benchmark car for all future Astons.

This was due to the coupe's luxurious and old-world charm that hosted a smooth (but powerful) six-cylinder twin-cam 116bhp engine from the Lagonda 2.6 saloon.

These cars would top 185 km/h with the standard engine, but more than 193 km/h with the high-compression Vantage engine, which in its time, represented amazing car performance.

The cars were coil-sprung with a Panhard rod for the high side loads. The suspension in the front was unusual with a trailing-link design and it housed very large wheels - 38cm centre-lockers complete with the best contemporary Dunlop crossplys.

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