Alvis TD21, TE21 and TF21

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Alvis TD21, TE21, TF21

1958 - 1967
United Kingdom
6 cyl.
2993 cc
4/5 spd. man, 3 spd Auto
Top Speed:
106 mph
Number Built:
4 star
Alvis turned to Graber of Switzerland after the war to design a new body style for their GT lineup. The TD21 was beautiful from every angle, the simple and handsome lines never dating like the more mainstream.

The bodies for the TD21 were manufactured in England, first by Willowbrook in Loughborough, then later by Park Ward. There were two iterations available, the fixed or drophead coupe form.

Using the same sweet 2993cc 6 cylinder engine as used in the older Alvis saloon models, it afforded respectable power of around 118bhp, although some minor tweaking would see this fogure bumped up to 120 bhp in 1959.

In 1962 a Mk II version became available, and featured four-wheel disc brakes, a five speed manual gearbox or optional 3 speed automatic. The TD21 would be replaced in 1963 by the TE21, then the TF21.

Each revision offered some minor styling changes and mechanical improvements, however you would need to be a real Alvis fan to spot the differences.

What a shame then that such a wonderful car would be the last to be manufactured by Alvis, but then again, what a swansong!

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