Alfa Romeo Montreal

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Montreal

 1970 - 1975
V8 Alloy DOHC
2594 cc
230 bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
137 mph
Number Built:
4 star
In 1970 the jewel in the crown of Alfa Romeo was undoubtedly the "Montreal".

It was a front-engined 2-seat sports car powered by a 230 hp small V8. The aggressive styling was penned by Bertone, orginally the show car was mid-engined, but eventually it turned out to be a front-engined sports car with all the styling features of a mid-engined one.

The 2.6 all alloy quad cam V8 engine was a jem, so much so that journalists at the time thought it made the chassis look mediocre. The suggestion was that Alfa should have adopted mid-engined configuration for better balance - especially as the car was extremely expensive.

Both sales figures and journalists' comments reveal that, at the time, the Montreal was not very successful. But much of the blame can be found in the initial purchase price of the vehicle.

As a collectable, there are few cars that offer the heritage, prestige and blistering performance of the Montreal...

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