Alfa Romeo Eagle

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Eagle

S4 cyl. SOHC
1779 cc
122 bhp / 91 kW
@ 5500 rpm
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
106 mph
Number Built:
5 star
Alfa Romeo Eagle
Pinninfarina's Alfa Romeo Eagle was a project for a sports "Spider" with a safety roll bar, based on the bodypan and mechanics of the Alfetta GT.

The increasingly strict safety regulations had condemned the traditional open car, leading Cadillac, the last American make to construct them, to cease any further production of true open cars.

The Eagle set out to demonstrate that it was possible to make a real open car with a high degree of passive security. In the Pinninfarina study, the classic roll bar was extended along the sides of the car to the front, thus reinforcing the lateral protection of the passenger space.

The shapes were not exagerated, as the coachbuilder's ambition was not to create an eyecatcher, but to propose a practical solution. However, in doing so he managed to produce a very beautiful car - well we think so.

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