Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV
Giulia 2000 GT Veloce

 1970 - 1977
4 cyl. Fuel Injected DOHC
1962 cc
150 bhp / 112 kw
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
119.9 mph / 193.0 kmh
Number Built:
3 star
When Alfa Romeo introduced the Coupe version of the Giulia sedan in 1963 a true star was born. Its lines were penned by a young designer at Bertone; Giorgietto Giugiaro, 'the designer of the 20th century'.

The Giulia not only looked good but it also proved a great competitor in touring car racing. In the 14 years it was produced the lines changed little - but under the body it was consistently being worked on, with engines varying in size from 1.3 to 2.0 liter.

The 2000 GTV was the final version and replaced the 1750 GTV. The main differences between the two were the bored engine and a restyled front grill.

Changes from the 1750 GTV included revisions to the interior trim, and the introduction of a single instrument cluster (instead of the beautiful seperate in dash design). In all, some 37,459 2000 GTV's were made before production ended in 1977.

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