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Over the coming months we hope to be able to provide you with more original brochures from the manufacturers. Of course, if you have a brochure and are prepared to share it with visitors to this site we would be appreciative! As the documents on these pages are in .pdf format, you will need the free Adobe reader software to view it. If you need to get this, visit the Adobe web site by clicking here...

BP Fuel Guide
BP Fuel Guide
Pages: 2 Size: 128k
One of the most common emails we receive at uniquecarsandparts.com.au is for information regarding the use of unleaded fuels in older (pre 1986) vehicles.
Ford Thunderbird  
Ford Thunderbird (1966)
Pages: 1 Size: 113k
Break out your eight track tapes, because you can now option your Ford Thunderbird to have a tape player and 4 speaker stereo system.
Holden 48/215 (FX) Original Sales Brochure  
Holden 48/215 (FX) Original Sales Brochure
Pages: 5 Size: 546k
When Prime Minister Ben Chifley launched the car 'made in Australia, for Australia' in 1948, nobody anticipated the runaway success this plain and practical sedan would immediately prove to be.
Holden EH Nasco Accessories Brochure  
Holden EH Nasco Accessories Brochure
Pages: 4 Size: 504k
Holden Motor Company's greatest seller at the time, the EH introduced the new "Red" motors and a comprehensive range of original 'Nasco' accessories. Imagine today being asked if you would like to accessorise your car with windscreen washers or a radio.
Holden Gemini TX  
Holden Gemini TX (1976)
Pages: 8 Size: 1314k
Most Australians knew that the Holden Gemini was a re-badged Isuzu, but were unaware the little car was being sold in the USA as the Buick Opel and Pontiac T1000, in Brazil as the Chevy Chevette, in the UK as the Vauxhall Chevette and in Germany as the Opel Kadett. Regardless of what it was called, the Gemini was terrific little car, offering great value for money and providing quite a good drive courtesy of its well sorted chassis and rear wheel drive configuration.
Holden HT GTS Monaro  
Holden HT GTS Monaro (1969)
Pages: 1 Size: 174k
"Holdens Great Balls of Fire". This advertising brochure emphasises the new HT model Monaro's bonet scoops, a design feature that would re-appear in the latest 2004 model Monaro.
Holden LJ Torana  
Holden LJ Torana (1972)
Pages: 6 Size: 1455k
The LC Torana at the time offered Australia's first and only 6-cylinder "compacts", and as the brochure suggests you could now enjoy big car performance with small car handling and economy. Perhaps the biggest news was for lovers of the GTR, which now had the 3300 six as standard. This brochure features an options list of custom features and accessories, and the specifications for the different engine combinations available from the 4 cylinder 1200 to the 3300 6 cylinder.
Holden LJ Torana 2 & 4 Door  

Holden LJ Torana 2 & 4 Door 6 cylinder (1972)
Pages: 2 Size: 418k
The ever popular '2250' and '2850' Holden red 6 cylinders motors were incredibly popular in the larger 'Kingswood' sedans, and their availability in the Torana would ensure the new models success. Perhaps the six was more popular for reliability and longevity rather than performance gains, but whatever the reason the 6 cylinder models proved to be extremely popular.

Holden LJ Torana 4 Door SL  

Holden LJ Torana 4 Door SL (1972)
Pages: 2 Size: 442k
Once upon a time it was assumed that the only true luxury cars were big cars. But that was once upon a time. Now meet Torana 6-cylinder SL... This is the opening line in the brochure for the LC SL Torana, a touch of class in a sector previously dominated by utalitarian 'keep-it-cheap' vehicles.

Holden LJ Torana GTR  

Holden LJ Torana GTR (1972)
Pages: 2 Size: 435k
Performace in the GTR was a given, particularly as it was fitted with the impressive '3300' six producing 135hp. But the designers were to ensure the interior was not forgotten, incorporating a sporting steering wheel, sports instruments and (for the time) sporty bucket seats. However exactly what "talk-starting vinyl" is remains to us a mystery!

Holden LJ Torana 4 Cylinder  

Holden LJ Torana 4 Cylinder 1200/1300 Deluxe (1972)
Pages: 2 Size: 414k
Every new model line-up needs an entry level vehicle, and in the case of the LC Torana it was the 1200 and 1300 4 cylinder versions. Dubbed by the marketing team at Holden as "Little Big Wheel", the brochure speaks in glowing terms of the size of the boot and the "wall-to-wall" carpet. We would suggest more appropriate wording to be "For those on a tight budget".

Holden LJ Torana 4 Cylinder  

Holden LJ Torana 4 Cylinder 1600 OHC Deluxe (1972)
Pages: 2 Size: 491k
Touch the accelerator and you know that this is something special. This is action! Feel the response of the big 1600cc engine with overhead cam...the mover that has motoring writers searching for new superlatives. Its a smooth groove all the way!

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